F# was not so much influenced by VB.NET, but influence VB.NET (notice that VB.NET is not on the same list as OCaml and Haskell). The F# team affected the VB.NET team, the same way it affected the C# team. You can see many functional features in VB.NET (the same features as C#), and you can guess where they came from.

The F# branch would emerge from the combination of C# (2.0 and maybe also 3.0), O'Caml 3 (one of them, not very important) and Haskell 98 (revised). It would then run along the C# branch with influence of F# and C#. Were VB.NET in the graph, it would also be influenced by F# on several versions. From the F# branch would also emerge smaller languages (such as F7, F* and such other MSR products - each influenced by F# and other languages).

I think that's it.

P.S.: VB.NET is there, but they considered all the VB.NET versions to be the same thing - I guess they acknowledged that VB.NET has mostly died out.

By on 5/17/2012 8:24 AM ()

OT: Another missing element is the derivation of LiveScript (JavaScript) from Self and Scheme. I've never seen JavaScript as descended from ARM C++ before.

By on 5/18/2012 10:06 AM ()
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